About Us

PCBmax is a PCB Design Service Bureau located in Raleigh, NC. Whether you provide a 'rough sketch' or a complete schematic, we can help you with your project from concept to completion.
Because there are many PCB design firms, we put all our attention in helping our customers to get their project 'on time' at a price they can afford. We will work side-by-side with your technical staff to clearly understand your design(s), so the PCB will be done right the first time.
We have been designing PCBs for over 40 years. We support Altium, p-cad, Design-Spark, Eagle, and legacy software such as: Autotrax, Protel, and Tango-Plus. Our standard PCB design process always include 'human final clean-up' after autorouting. For specific designs (at customer request) we can perform full manual routing including via-minimization.

Design Service Bureau
Raleigh, NC - USA
Phone / Fax: (919) 846-3665
Email: info@pcbmax.com